Birthday attention needed

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Our birthday comes around once a year. Some of us see it as day to celebrate. Some of us see it as a day to not celebrate, and last year I wrote about this in a post called 7 Reasons To Not Celebrate Your Birthday. We might even go to great lengths to avoid drawing attention to our birthday in a time where many think you should be entitled to some special treat. Celebrating my birthday and having anywhere near a big birthday bash is not something up my alley.

In fact, I try to avoid any kind of birthday surprise someone might pull on me. Here are some ways to avoid celebrating your birthday and avoid someone throwing you a surprise birthday party, and keeping your birthday on the down low. Go about your birthday like any other day. Go about your daily routine, showing up and leaving on time, doing what you do each day. To some, birthdays are days to show you appreciate and care about others. To keep your birthday quiet, try not to make any special birthday plans involving others. In the days leading up to your birthday or month as some people like month long birthday celebrationsfriends and family might invite you out to celebrate your special day.

Your nice friends and family might want to catch up with you on this day to wish you well over a meal and a few drinks. Or they might say they want to catch Birthday attention needed with you on your birthday, take you out and then you find yourself front and centre of a very public, very crowded surprise birthday party.

Staying in and having a quiet day on your birthday is a good way to stay out of the spotlight. For instance, you could spend the day alone. You could go somewhere by yourself, going on a nice hike or shopping trip. You could also turn off your phone to really have the day to yourself without anyone interrupting your day. Once again you can be like a spy, going incognito to new levels not just Birthday attention needed into the background but disappearing completely for a day.

You could take the day off from work or school on your birthday and avoid confrontational birthday attention. So many social media platforms have the option for you to display your birthday publicly. Anyone can stumble upon your public Facebook and Twitter profile and see when you were born. Some years back I closed off my Facebook wall around my birthday. That said, there are sincerely thoughtful people out there who like wishing each other Happy Birthday this way — you might not think of them in years but they might actually think of you now and then.

Stay silent and keep staring. Perhaps you can try making it fun and in response ask them to guess when your birthday is. One time someone wanted to know my birthday and managed to narrow it down to the correct month. So I got him to play the guessing game and you would think he would eventually get it. The most direct way to avoid a fuss or celebration around your birthday is to say so. You could be even more direct and let family and friends know how you want to and are going to spend the day.

Each year my family are pretty keen on celebrating my birthday, buying a cake and singing me the song. After putting up with that for many years even into adult years Birthday attention needed, I insisted no more song. Finally one year my family decided to drop the song but not the cake and continue to serve it up. Usually when it comes to birthday and celebrations, one is more likely to go out and have a good time, perhaps drive home after a few drinks or stay out late on the streets running into trouble or being trouble, plan an outrageous-sort-of-reckless vacation or maybe even worry about the future up until we feel stressed out.

In a study on social animals mice found brains crave company after periods of isolation. Similarly researchers at McGill University Medical Centre in Montreal found isolated participants in a study felt restless and became highly emotional after spending time in sound-proof cubicles deprived of human contact. Also, prolonged periods of isolation and feeling loneliness affect mortality rates.

Just like how life is out of control, how you spend your birthday can be out of your control. Someone could outsmart you and throw you the birthday surprise you least want and least expect…but also one to be remembered forever. I usually like a quiet day.

But others tend to ignore that and take me out anyway. I was thankful this year that I was taken out for quiet meals.

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Like Liked by 2 people. So nice of others to ignore your wishes for a quiet one and to take you out anyway. Like Like. I normally have a very low key birthday, but it was only this year that I decided to organise something with my friends. Hope you had a fun time going out this year with your friends, and a good birthday this year. Like Liked by 1 person.

Hope your future birthdays are birthdays in reverse, Tiny. Oh, I can understand the stress of being greeted by persons who barely know you. But I do want to be greeted by the persons I love and to celebrate with them. These days, being overwhelmed by greetings is rarely a problem as I am not in the work force or in many social situations.

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I also did not give Facebook my birth day. So only those who know me well remember to greet me. I have not too many greetings but the ones I get are from those who matter a lot to me. It is an amazing feeling to be greeted by the ones you love.

Sounds like you are adept at keeping your birthday under wraps, Imelda.

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I try desperately not to celebrate my birthday with anyone other than my husband and cat. Just call me curmudgeon…. Your friends either have good intentions on your birthday or just want an excuse to celebrate have a party. I remember reading your post last year! I hate celebrating my birthday. Wish you a Happy Birthday! I really like writing about birthdays!

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Sounds like you like quiet birthdays too, Cheryl. You sure seem to not like celebrating your birthday! I just like quiet birthday dinners with Mr H to be honest. Awww, you turned your friends away from a birthday dinner once! I enjoy doing something on my birthday like eating dinner or lunch out. A nice picnic on the beach. But, I like those things with my husband only. I agree. As you get older, it seems silly to have huge family and friend parties.

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Great post, Mabel. I enjoyed the photographs of the various desserts. Sounds like you do like your birthdays quiet and personal, Isadora. Hope you and your husband have had and will continue to have many more lovely low-key birthdays to come. As we get older, the more we cherish the simple everyday moments and realise they are the best kind of moments.

A definite theme of the list seems to be taking actions to avoid the celebration of your birthday, like being more introverted that day or removing yourself and your birthday from social media. You do bring up a good idea there, that feelings about our birthday changes, and it could change as we go through different phases in life. I think quite a few of us feel more stressed leading up to these moments, feeling like we have to live up to expectations when we Birthday attention needed not.

Hope you are well Thomas. These are all very easy to accomplish for the older birthday. All excellent suggestions! Having lost close friends and family much younger than myself each year is a blessing and one I want to celebrate. Yet I strongly believe people should be allowed to mark the day of their birth as they wish and for this be respected by others. It was an unusual birthday over here this year, but one that I enjoyed a lot.

I am all apprehensive about these birthday celebrations now. But I do like the delicious croissant photos, and unlike Tiny Helen I think eating them would be even better. You and me are alike, Hien. My son thinks exactly like this. He hates celebrating his birthday, although will consent to going out for a dinner.

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It is sad that he thinks others think the same, as he rarely acknowledges our birthdays. I hope your day was just as you wanted it to be, Mabel. So pleased that you had a good day, Mabel. I doubt that my son will change. He turns 30 this year….

Great post Mabel. That is so true. Mabel, did I miss your birthday? Happy Birthday! Great post!

Birthday attention needed

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