Females into watersports

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I have felt drawn to desperate pee situations since early childhood, and it has been sexualized in my mind for as long as I can remember, even as a young. I am in a committed relationship with a man, but I am bisexual. He is not really into my fetish, but occasionally indulges me. Ask away! I am a woman, 22, who is also into the piss play.

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It Females into watersports so immensely hot and omg, the orgasms that come from having the fetish fulfilled? Absolutely UGH! The man I am with now fortunately was not repulsed by my fetish, and actually has come to find it really hot! He indulges me and my wants in utterly amazing ways, its awesome.

How many people have you tried it with? Do you stick to the shower, the bed, ever tried doing things outside? Do you do anything regarding Urethra control? The internet community seems to be mostly gay men. The orgasms I get after being "indulged" are definitely amazing.

Sooooo good lol! My boyfriend isn't really interested in desperation or holding, but will usually pee on me in the shower if I ask. We have had some fun outside, but nothing on the bed - he's afraid of the smell lingering. What exactly turns you on about pee? I know there are many aspects of the fetish. I assume desperation means 'holding it until you can't hold on? I clicked this thinking someone had a ski-doo fetish. Disappointed :.

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How far do you go with the watersports? Do you drink? Limit areas of the body? What's your ultimate fantasy in this regard? I personally have tried to get my SO into as well. Females into watersports is hit or miss with it. We've done some really kinky stuff, but she still won't pee her panties for me one of my ultimate fantasies. Oh well :. I don't drink, but I do taste. My ultimate fantasy would be both of us desperate, encouraging eachother to hold on as long as we could Then starting to fuck outright, and both of us pissing together while he's still inside me.

Then of course, lots of long amazing sex afterwards! As another watersports woman I am completely awestruck that she won't do something so minimal and harmless for your pleasure When you go on vacation, do you like to go to the beach and just be like "Oops! I've never been peed on in public. Though I have done ws play outside, it really is more of a sexual experience that I wouldn't feel comfortable doing in public. Do you know how this fetish started? What experience made you desire this? I find this kind of fascinating. As it started when I was very young, honestly I don't remember any specific experience.

I do have specific memories of masturbating at a very young age think 3 or 4 and orgasming, thinking about pee I obviously didn't know what sex was yet, but did have sexual urges and definite orgasms so I guess I always associated pee with sex, since it used the same holes. I have always found images of pee to be more arousing than usual "porn".

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When I was discovering sex I always had ws on the back of my mind and would have trouble orgasming to "normal" sex so I would usually revert to ws to get off. I still do that to this day actually. So, from my reading, you're more into the submission side of watersports, right? What other fetishes do you have? Found the internet! Posted by 10 years ago. Sort by: best. Urine sane. I want toilet you know that was very funny.

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Females into watersports

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IAmA 21 year old bisexual female with a desperation/watersports fetish. AMA