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At work, propped against a wall, near piles of stuff, stands an Elvis Presley cutout. He looks drunk. But I pass that cutout almost every day, and every day I have the same thought. Elvis was hot. Cardboard would do. And the only star who had more than Elvis was Prince. His hotness differed, of course; it came from somewhere else. If Elvis was sex, Prince was a sexual orientation. His own. And it was oriented toward you. And you. Name a pop act from the s, and, amazingly, androgyny was somewhere in the mix: Thompson Twins, the Human League, pick a hair-metal act.

For Boy George and Jermaine Stewart, it was the whole mix. But was he straight? Did he blow out his hair, love heels and platforms, and own every look, from flouncy Romantic consumptive to bathhouse matador to Easter Sunday deacon? He did. Even after he changed his name to the symbol of the male gender overlaid atop its female counterpart, he was always only ever Prince.

And how not vague was he? How not passive?

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He always knew what he wanted, and most of the time that was you. But he keeps hitting a wall, and gets testy. He was both a build-you-up artist and a breakdown master.

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At some black churches, the high point of the service involves somebody catching the holy spirit. The high point of some Prince songs involves him catching the horny spirit. He just wants to go home with the right lady. And where is she? Carnality was to Prince what photosynthesis is to plants. On his records, he could be artistically and sexually promiscuous. But he was curious and studious of whomever he was with, too. And sometimes it could all make him seem ridiculous without equal.

Some of this was the songwriting.

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He was a terrific poet. For Sheena Easton, he wrote a song that no 9-year-old could resist. Prince knew. On that one, he used the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind, presumably so that when the song enraged Tipper Gore, the head of the Parents Music Resource Center — and it did — he could restring his guitars in peace. Obviously, Prince saved his best stuff for himself. None of his peers had better randy songs about attraction.

This is a song I favor at karaoke. I like the complete sentences, and the confident language makes me feel sexy. But the bridge is the reason I like to sing it. For lots of other artists, that would be enough. At least, I would today. Unsurprisingly, the thing about Prince and sex is that you have to be in the mood. And the screaming is ecstatic.

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It means something. Madonna embodied it. Jackson made it sound like a gospel emergency and had more control over that roaring register.

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Losing it was built into the songs. I was 9 when the album came out, and the P. We heard the screaming. Then we noticed that pain was tied to the frenzied beating of a kick drum and wondered if the P. Prince eventually expunged the song from his live repertoire. But speaking practically, who can keep up that level of frustration?

Raspberry berets for everybody! His interest in partnership and flattery and pleasure were hot — to his partner, but especially to him. He would brag about himself. He would also spread the boasting around. His name was Prince, and he was funky. But the hot thing?

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